Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year’s Resolutions for International Trade Professionals

As we eagerly launch into 2008, the Boskage staff would like to share a few New Year’s Resolutions with you and provide an opportunity for you to share a few of yours with us. In a few weeks, we’ll take all of the suggestions received and create a complete list. We’ve started the list with the following resolutions.

As an active member of the international trade community, I commit to:

· Contribute my best efforts and quality to my company’s international compliance program.
· Abide by all government regulations, even when it’s a lot of work.
· Keep updated on current events through trade associations and industry publications.
· Participate in relevant educational opportunities.
· Share knowledge with and assist my colleagues.
· Keep our company’s name out of the “look who has done something bad” list.

It's your turn. Share your New Year's Resolutions with us!

Happy New Year from the staff at Boskage Commerce Publications!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

CBP Introduces Revised Agreement

As the C-TPAT program evolves, changes to certain processes and procedures are necessary to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. When applicants for membership in C-TPAT complete the online application in the Security Link Portal, they are required to accept the C-TPAT Agreement to Voluntarily Participate. In compliance with the SAFE Port Act, CBP created a revised agreement for C-TPAT participants. The new agreement updates the most recent version of the agreement to include the changes that have occurred since the introduction of C-TPAT in 2001. Current members are not required to sign the agreement or submit additional information; however, CBP encourages members to review the new agreement because continued membership indicates that the participant concurs with the new agreement.

Some of the revisions to the agreement include:
  • Use of the term “Partners” for all parties instead of carriers, importers, brokers, etc.

  • Addition of the requirement to cooperate with validation and re-validation process under Partner’s agreement.

  • Shortened version of the Partner’s agreement to comply with the program requirements in place of multiple statements in the old version about developing written and verifiable processes followed by the list of major processes.

  • Addition of the statement that CBP will conduct validation within one year of the Partner’s certification.

  • More CBP responsibilities than in the original agreement

  • Provisions for C-TPAT participants to verify information via Status Verification Interface

  • Opportunities for C-TPAT Partners to participate in the Mutual Recognition Program

We have included a link to each document so that you can review each and make note of the changes. Click on the appropriate link to view the old and revised versions of the C-TPAT Agreement to Voluntarily Participate:

(Old) C-TPAT Agreement to Voluntarily Participate
(Revised) C-TPAT Agreement to Voluntarily Participate