Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Trade Trivia: CBP Top Importer Errors

Have you ever wondered how CBP auditors know exactly where to look for importer violations? How do they get to be so smart? Actually, it’s not a big secret. After performing thousands of assessments, CBP identified a list of errors that are typically found during these reviews.

In case you were wondering about the most common errors and what Customs will be looking for when they come knocking on your door, we’ve provided the list. If you really want to test your trade smarts, try listing the errors you think are the most common before looking at our list, then see how close your list matches CBP’s list. If you haven’t reviewed these areas in your company lately, you might want to go take a look.

Common Importer Errors Identified During Focused Assessments:

· Manufacturing Assists
· Additions to Price Actually Paid or Payable
· Non Dutiable Costs
· Merchandise Classification
· Special Trade Programs
· Classification Claims under 9801 and 9802
· Related-Party Transactions
· Buying Commissions
· Recordkeeping

Click HERE for more detail on each of these errors.

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