Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CBP’s New System for Administrative Messages

In Message 08-0003 on January 16, 2008, Customs and Border Protection introduced the new Administrative Messaging Service (CSMS). The CSMS is the new system for distributing Administrative Messages that replaces the current distribution of messages through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI). CBP uses Administrative Messages to communicate general information including:

· Currency exchange rates.
· Changes to the HTS.
· Antidumping and countervailing duty cases.
· New or changed entry procedures.
· Port power outages and closings.
· Other government agency notices.

CBP has moved all significant Administrative Messages previously issued by ABI into the new database. For consistency, two additional zeros have been added following the hyphen for all of the converted messages. The new format for Administrative Message numbers is YY-NNNNNN. YY represents the last two digits of the calendar year and NNNNNN is a sequentially assignment number.

Effective February 11, 2008, CBP will only issue Administrative Messages using the CSMS. The trade community has two new options to obtain Administrative Messages from CBP. CSMS messages can be retrieved via a database linked to based on combination of keywords and filtering. Individuals can also elect to receive administrative messages via email by registering for a free subscription.

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