Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Special HTSUS Change Package - Boskage Exclusive

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has revised the 2008 Harmonized Tariff (HTSUS). However, the ITC has elected NOT to print these changes.

We understand that many of our customers will want to update their printed editions, and we have a limited number of printed change packages available for sale to our customers only. This is the only available print edition of this revision.

Order now as these print editions are limited.

NOTE: If you purchased the HTSUS through Boskage, this revision is not part of regularly printed government supplements, which will still be sent to you at no charge upon release as part of your 2008 subscription.

The special change package is 198 pages. The price is $24.50 with $6.00 shipping/handling.

Please click here to get your HTSUS special change package.

If you are a Boskage OneSource CD subscriber, these changes will be made to your software the next time you access OneSource.

If you would like to purchase a special OneSource HTSUS that includes the current changes, please click here to have your CD sent today.


Anonymous said...

please help explain answer to question #80. it says E but what about A (parachute)? please clarify

Steve said...

I got 22 wrong...
Which questions are protestable?
Please help!!!

Wizard said...

Comment to Steve

Check out the comments made under the article posted on May 6 (Customs Broker Exam Pass Rate) and in the one published on April 8Potential Results of the Exam). The Wizard has provided a few potential questions and other bloggers have mentioned a few more. Write and submit your protests, but don't stop studying for the next exam. It's not likely you will receive a response from CBP until several days before the next exam, if even that soon.

Anonymous said...

Question 51 - Please advise if patent leather shoes being a quota restricted commodity under a single entry bond require the amount of three times the total entered value?

Wizard said...

Comment - Question 51

If the merchandise falls into one of the categories of merchandise subject to other agency requirements (FDA, EPA, BATF, CPSC, Agriculture, FCC and TSCA) where failure to redeliver could pose a threat to the public health and safety, then the bond will be executed in an amount which is not less than three times the total entered value of the merchandise.

Even though Answer C, patent leather shoes, may be regulated by the FWS, it is not regulated by the agencies listed in CD 3510-004 and the shoes would not pose a threat to public health or safety.

If you can prove patent leather shoes are subject to quota, you may have an argument using CD 3510-004.

Anonymous said...

Being that the silk yarn and silk fabric are from China...and the fact that silk determines the classification of the pullovers made of silk, is it considered the country of origin China under any circumstances?

Wizard said...

Comment to Question 61

See Chapter Rule 2 under Chapter 61 in GN 25 (o).

Anonymous said...


Did anyone from Philadelphia protested April Exam?