Monday, August 11, 2008

ISO/PAS 17712 Container Seals Required Effective October 15

On Thursday August 7, U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a notice in the Federal Register reminding shippers and importers that pursuant to 6 USC §944, all loaded containers arriving by vessel at a port of entry in the U.S. on or after October 15, 2008, are required to be sealed with a seal meeting the ISO/PAS 17712 standard.

The ISO/PAS 17712 standard requires that container freight seals meet or exceed certain standards for strength and durability so as to prevent accidental breakage, early deterioration (due to weather conditions, chemical action, etc.) or undetectable tampering under normal usage. ISO/PAS 17712 also requires that each seal be clearly and legibly marked with a unique identification number.

Tanks and non-standard containers, such as open top containers, that cannot accommodate a seal meeting the ISO/PAS 17712 standard are not subject to the requirement. C-TPAT members are already required to use ISO/PAS17712 approved security seals.

Containers arriving on or after October 15 without the required seal will be subject the party responsible for the violation to a civil penalty. CBP will phase in the penalty assessments for these violations. Vessel operators are reminded that they must transmit all seal numbers via the Vessel Automated Manifest System 24 hours before cargo is laden aboard a vessel at a foreign port.

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