Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coming Soon: Boskage Book Club

Boskage Trade News is excited to announce a groundbreaking new blog series, which will feature excerpts of popular international trade publications from Boskage Commerce Publications. The book we choose will be serialized, and when we're done, a very large portion of the selected book will be available for you on the blog for free!

Since we are approaching the time of year when trade professionals begin their study for the Customs Broker Exam, the first book we discuss will be The Customs Broker Examination by Scott Warren Taylor and Andrew Moxon. Each Tuesday and Thursday starting on February 10, we will post short sections from our selected book for our readers to enjoy. We encourage you to provide feedback and discuss this with other readers. Of course, our very own Wizard will be on hand to answer questions related to the posted materials.

Join us on Tuesday for our first “meeting” of the Boskage Book Club!

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