Friday, July 10, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Broker

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What is a typical day in the life of a broker like?

You are not likely to get bored when working as a customs broker. With the constant changes in international trade regulations, there’s something new to learn every day. While your job title and actual responsibilities may vary depending on the type of job you obtain, we’ve provided a list of some of the tasks typically performed by brokers.

Persons working for or as brokers may:

· Provide information to importers on rates of duty and the methods of clearance.
· Prepare and process documents and other forms according to CBP regulations and procedures.
· Sign import/export documents on behalf of clients.
· Arrange for payment of duties, taxes, and storage and transportation costs related to the imported goods.
· Provide advice to clients on import restrictions, other government agency requirements and new regulations.
· Assign HTS numbers to imported products.
· Communicate with CBP and other government agencies.
· Enter data into the computer for CBP release and entry summary.
· Track cargo with steamship lines, railroads, airlines and trucking companies.
· Contact customers to obtain information or to provide status on shipments.
· Arrange transportation for movement of cargo from the port of unloading and for delivery to the customer.
· Maintain records of transactions.
· Attend and/or provide training seminars and industry conferences.
· Create standard operating procedures.

· Be the advocate for the importer with CBP, other government agencies, truckers and others involved in the import transaction.

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