Monday, October 26, 2009

Section XII of the HTSUS

Thank you for joining us for our series on classification. Last Monday, we explored the textile articles contained in Section XI of the HTSUS. Today, we will study the various commodities covered in Section XII of the HTSUS. Having a good general knowledge of the products covered in each section and chapter will expedite the classification process and improve accuracy of your classifications.

Answer to Section XI Question

Classify a pair of infant’s 100% cotton woven ski mittens, which will be worn by a child whose body height is 68 cms.

Correct Answer: 6209.20.5050More Information: Chapter 61 Note 6(a) & (b)/ Chapter 62 Note 4(a) & (b)

Section XII covers Chapters 64 - 67 containing footwear, headgear, umbrellas and artificial flowers. There are no Section Notes; however, there are a few Informed Compliance Publications related to footwear and headgear.

Chapter 64 covers footwear such as ski boots, work boots, sandals, slippers, sports shoes and disposable footwear. Pay special attention to Chapter Note 2 that defines which parts are classified under the parts provision. Parts do not include pegs, protectors, eyelets, hooks, buckles, ornaments, braids or laces. Footwear products require the submission of the CBP 5523, Footwear Details Invoice. Subheading Note 1 defines sports footwear. Statistical Note 1 defines the requirements for work footwear.

Chapter 65 covers woven or knitted hats, helmets, headbands and visors. Products of this chapter must comply with the regulations of the DOT and CPSC. Review the Chapter Notes for a list of items that are excluded from classification in this chapter. Bicycle helmets must comply with CPSC standards; however, motor vehicle helmets require the submission of the HS-7 form.
Chapter 66 includes sun, garden and rain umbrellas and walking sticks. There are no prohibitions on the importation of products from this chapter, and no special licenses or permits are needed.

Chapter 67 covers feathers, down and articles of the foregoing, artificial flowers, plastic fruit and wigs. Products of this chapter may be subject to the regulations of FWS, USDA, DOC and CPSC. Articles subject to FWS review will require special documentation and clearance at a specially designated FWS port. Feathers and skins from some birds are strictly prohibited.

What is the classification of a woven hat, does not contain braid and is 55% nylon, 45% wool?

Join us next week for the answer to this week’s classification question and a discussion of Section XIII of the HTSUS. If there are any specific commodities or sections of the HTSUS that you would like to see discussed in this series, please feel free to post a comment or send your suggestions to

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