Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trade Compliance Resolutions

Congratulations to the winners of our Trade Compliance New Year’s Resolution Contest!

1st Place – Denice Clark – Benchmark Electronics
2nd Place – Judit Tanai
3rd Place – Steven Britt – United Solar Ovonic

As we promised, here is a list of some of the resolutions submitted. We enjoyed reading them and hope you will too!

This year I will:

  • Complete an easy to use compliance checklist data-base that can be used across three sites and attend at least one trade seminar.
  • Lose weight. This in and of itself should be fairly simple given the amount of lifting and heavy carrying I must do to move my CBP materials around.
  • Attend many more trade compliance related seminars and events with a fervor few religious zealots can match in an effort to become more familiar with the industry and the current issues impacting the trade community.
  • Minimize the time I spend reading useless information on the Internet and focus more on the professional goals I want to reach.
  • No longer worry about finding employment in the industry as I am confident about what I have to offer and know that my time to shine will come soon.
  • Gain copies of all EEI’s for the routed export transactions that occur when our foreign customers (who purchase Ex Works) setup the international movement of their shipments.
  • Find, implement and demonstrate more ways trade compliance can save our company money to justify my continued existence as well as that of my staff!
  • Devote a little more time to reading industry news and publications.
  • Learn more about export compliance.
  • Pay more attention to details in the entry summaries – strive for 100% accuracy when final entry summary is submitted.

Thank you to everyone who submitted resolutions! If you have any suggestions for future contests, we'd be happy to hear them!

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