Monday, February 22, 2010

bcpSource Classification Contest & GRI Answers

Last Monday, we continued our study of classification by exploring how the General Rules of Interpretation (GRI) are tested on the Customs Broker Exam. The answers to the quiz questions are found at the end of this article.

For the next four weeks, Boskage Commerce Publications is sponsoring a contest to introduce
bcpSource, the advanced HTSUS online research tool! bcpSource contains the complete HTSUS, designed for speed and ease, updated with timely data, customizable to fit your specific needs, and loaded with tools to help you integrate your program.

To participate in the contest, check the blog for the weekly question and submit your answer by following these instructions.

1. Go to to access bcpSource.
2. Complete the registration.
3. Read the instructions on how to use the various features.
4. Locate the correct classification.
5. Click the "P" (which allows you to add your specific data) next to the classification code and type “FOUND IT in the SKU field.
6. Email to let us know that you've found the answer, and what your answer is.
7. Enjoy using bcpSource!

Answers must be submitted by Noon (EST) Friday each week. Although we announced the contest last Wednesday, we extended the deadline for the first week until 2/26/2010. A new question will be posted on March 1, 2010. We'll pick the winning contestant randomly from a pool of all correct responses. The winner will be notified via email the following week, and will receive a $50 gift card. A list of the weekly winners will be posted on the blog at the end of the contest.

Week 1 bcpSource Classification Question
Classify a set of four cherry bed lifters. The square lifters measure approximately 5”x5” and are imported from Nicaragua.

Answers from GRI Quiz - February 15, 2010

Answer 1
GRI 3a and GRI 3b. The candle imparts the essential character of the imported item.

GRI 3a states that the heading which provides the most specific description will be preferred to headings providing a more general description. For this example the provision for glass jar and candles are equally specific.

GRI 3b states that mixtures, composite goods consisting of different materials made up of different components, and goods put up in sets for retail sale, which cannot be classified by reference to GRI 3a, will be classified as if they consist of the material or component which gives them their essential character. The candle gives the product its essential character.


Answer 2
False. GRI 3c states that, when goods cannot be classified using 3a or 3b, they will be classified under the heading which occurs last in numerical order among those classifications which equally merit consideration.

Answer 3
GRI 5a. GRI 5a states that cases and containers are classified with articles for which they are intended when imported along with those objects, if they are shaped or fitted to contain that article and are suitable for long-term use.


Answer 4
The leather case would be classified with the pocketknife so long as the case is shaped or fitted to contain the knife and suitable for long-term use.

Answer 5
No. Wood furniture is classified in Chapter 94. Remember, General Note 1 states that the titles of Sections and Chapters are for ease of reference only.

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