Wednesday, March 31, 2010

International Trade Productivity

Most of us are faced with increased demands to do more with less. We wear two or three hats and work longer hours, yet the contents of our “inbox” continue to multiply. How are members of the trade community coping with the heavier workloads? The Wizard will be happy to start the discussion by sharing a tip. Consider using two computer monitors. For example, an importer or broker could type information for a new ruling request into a Word document on one monitor while viewing some related rulings on the CBP CROSS database on the other monitor. An importer could look at drawing or blueprint of a new part on one monitor while reviewing the online HTS for the correct classification on the other monitor. The Wizard is a real geek and uses three computer monitors, but most people would probably be happy with two! How many monitors do you use at work? Check out the “poll” located on the right side of the page.

Now it’s your turn! Share some of your productivity tips with your trade compliance colleagues. Maybe if we find ways to improve our productivity, we won’t be as stressed and can get away from the office a little earlier to enjoy some of the wonderful spring weather!

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Bob Dugger said...

Dual monitors is a MUST! It is what allows me to be paperless (I can have my workbook on one screen, my docs on the other, or my ABI software, whatever. For a while about 2 years ago I used 3 monitors (plus a laptop), but it was getting ridiculous turning my head through such a range of motion (2 20" widescreens & a 20" regular, that is a LOT of screen real estate.) I have since settled in to a respectable dual monitor configuration, and SOMETIMES use the laptop as well.

Two key productivity tools I recommend are PaperPort and RoboForm.