Monday, May 24, 2010

What Does Change in Security Strategy Mean for the Trade?

As President Obama addressed the graduating class at West Point on Saturday, he provided a glimpse of his new plan for security. The media indicates that Obama’s plan seeks security through international alliances, which is a change from the unilateral approach of Bush presidency.

The official national security strategy is scheduled to be released this week and is rumored to include four main principles:

(1) to build strength abroad by building strength at home through education, clean energy and innovation;
(2) to promote renewed engagement of our diplomats and support international development;
(3) to rebuild alliances; and
(4) to promote human rights and democracy abroad.

Although the United States was involved in trying to bring other countries on board by working with the WCO on the AEO Guidelines and Safe Framework of Standards, it appears that the U.S. will do more to reach out to other countries. The new plan raises some questions. Will other countries return the efforts and support us in our time of need? How is this plan different and what does this mean for the current security programs? Stay tuned to the news this week as the new security plan is announced.

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