Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Is PS-Prep?

The trade community is quite familiar with C-TPAT, the joint government-business program to strengthen the supply chain and border security; however, there is another government-private sector partnership that is starting to receive some attention, PS-Prep.

PS-Prep is a partnership between DHS and the private sector that allows private organizations to obtain certification by DHS for emergency preparedness programs. Similar to C-TPAT, the program is currently voluntary.

Title IX of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is required to develop and implement a voluntary program of accreditation and certification of private entities to encourage private sector preparedness, including disaster management, emergency management and business continuity programs. While this program will not prevent disasters, PS-Prep seeks to enable businesses to respond and recover from a disaster in an efficient effective manner. Private sector entities such as companies, not-for-profit corporations, hospitals, universities, etc. may be certified by an accredited third party to verify that the entity adheres to one or more preparedness standards adopted by DHS.

The final standards for the program were published in the Federal Register on June 16, 2010. There are currently three accepted standards for the program:

ASIS SPC. 1-2009 – American Society for Industrial Security
British Standard 2599-2.2007 – British Standards Institution
NFPA 1600:2007/2010 - National Fire Protection Association

DHS is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the program and make improvements and adjustments to PS-Prep as needed. For a nation trying to recover from a recession, floods, oil spills and other woes, the new program is likely to generate a few questions and comments from the trade community.

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