Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Importers & Exporters Say The Darndest Things!

Let’s have a little fun this week. Have you ever heard one of your co-workers say something about international trade that made you want to hide under your desk, or something so funny you laughed aloud? Submit your shocking, scary and funny sayings to us! We will collect them until October 8th and publish the list the following week. We have provided a few to get you started.

1. I’m going to call Customs and demand they release our freight because I pay their salaries.
2. Can we just mark a couple of the pieces and send them to CBP? They won’t inspect all of them, will they? What happens if we don’t mark them?
3. Please destroy this email after reading it.
4. My customer won’t buy the socks if they are not made in the USA. Can I cut out the “Made in China” tag before shipping them to the customer?
5. We were told if we can’t figure out the exact classification to classify it under “other.”
6. The bearings were made either in Germany, England, Italy or France. Just tell Customs they were made in Germany.
7. Exporting is the opposite of importing.

Click on "Comments" to submit the "darndest things" you've heard about international trade.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In keeping with the tradition of #5, my theory (when studying for the test, at least) is, "when in doubt, 'other' out!"