Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BIS Requests Comments on Understanding the EAR

The overhaul of U.S. export controls and the National Export Initiative “NEI” focus on expanding trade opportunities for SMEs created an opportunity for the Bureau of Industry and Security “BIS” to solicit information from various groups about their overall experience with the Export Administration Regulations “EAR”.

The BIS seeks comments from the public concerning small and medium enterprises’ “SMEs” understanding of and compliance with export controls relate to the EAR. The BIS will use this information to determine the need for changes that will improve the SMEs’ understanding of and compliance with the EAR, without inflicting undue burdens that affect their ability to be competitive.

The BIS invites comments that identify

·issues and makes recommendations regarding SMEs’ awareness and understanding of the EAR, as well as their experiences complying with the EAR;

·the principal challenges SMEs face in trying to comply with the EAR, including any challenges that SMEs uniquely face and approaches to overcoming these challenges.

·the value of current BIS outreach, education and counseling to SMEs in understanding and complying with the EAR;

·ways to improve or expand SMEs’ awareness, knowledge and understanding of the EAR and increase their capacity to comply with them; and

· data, including comparative international data, that support comments and recommendations related to items above; and that provide examples of effective methods of administering and enforcing export controls with special attention to SMEs.

Comments may be submitted by email, fax or mail by December 6, 2010.
Click HERE for information on how to submit comments.

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