Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 2013 CBP Broker Exam Preliminary Answers

Click here to get our preliminary unofficial exam answers as a free download from our online checkout system.

As always, remember that these answers represent only our opinion. The official answers will come from Customs and Border Protection in the coming weeks and will be posted on their site. In other words, we probably answered the majority of the questions correctly, but these answers do not guarantee whether or not you've passed; it merely is presented as a helpful tool for broker students who are (quite understandably) eager to have any idea of where they stand.

In three places, we've noted where we think there are errors in the exam itself that merit special attention.

If you would like to share your answers, explanations and comments, we invite you to post them as comments to this blog; however, we ask that comments be professional and to the point. We cannot respond to all of the comments, but this forum will provide you an opportunity to converse with each other.

Thank you for your patience and interest, and happy browsing!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone received their results in the mail as of yet?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you found the answer for number 48

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what's going on with appeals? I sent mine in the first week of January and still haven't heard back. I even risked not signing up for the April exam just in case.