Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 2014 Preliminary Answers

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As always, remember that these answers represent only our opinion. The official answers will come from Customs and Border Protection in the coming weeks and will be posted on their site. In other words, we probably answered the majority of the questions correctly, but these answers do not guarantee whether or not you've passed; they merely are presented as a helpful tool for broker students who are eager to have any idea of where they stand.

If you would like to share your answers, explanations and comments, we invite you to post them as comments to this blog.

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#43 on commentary shows A but answer states B and B is listed on free answer sheet.

#27 on commentary shows E but is listed as C on free answer sheet

Boskage Staff said...

Thank you for the feedback, Hashana.

For #27, the correct answer is E.

For #43, the correct answer is A.

Files have been corrected and will be posted soon.

David Lee said...

I don't think the answer for #31 is E. I think it should be A, any comments?

Eve Sadovnik said...

#43 is old question used in two different test only change country and name of product, two past times answers was 3105.10.0000 (B)

Eve Sadovnik said...

Question 31 my choice was A based on 19 CFR 12.3

Benny Fields said...

On question 31 you have the answer as E but if you reference 12.3(b(2) it appears the question is word for word from this regulation and the answer should be A.

Anonymous said...

#43- Should the answer be "B" because 3105 indicates "goods of this chapter in tablets or similar forms..."? The question states the fertilizer is in tablet form.

#31 - Difference with A and E is whether or not to include duties, taxes, and fees. 113.62(m) identifies the value of value of the merchandise but does not indicate duties, etc. For this reason, wouldn't "A" be more of a correct answer? I know in Oct 2009 two similar questions were asked #52 and #53, but the answers seemed to contradict themselves when using the Directive. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Do you believe that 19 can be a protest question?

The signature of the importer is not required in the case where there is a broker acting as an agent for the importer.

Josh Clepper said...

I really hope you guys are right! (I don't doubt you) According to your preliminary answers, I missed 20 (after questions 27 and 43 were corrected to E and A respectively). Thank you so much for your service so that we have an idea of where we stand. You are greatly appreciated!

Monica Saravia said...


Can you please double check #31? Per 12.31(b)(2), the answer would be A, and not E.


Anonymous said...

#31 believe correct answer should be "A" based on 113.62(m)

#43 believe answer should be "B" because heading is "goods of this chapter in tablet..."

Boskage Staff said...

For Q. 31, the answer should be "A." Our answer was a typo (the version with commentary showed our explanation for A as the correct answer). The file has been corrected; thank you for your feedback.