Monday, April 20, 2015

April 2015 Preliminary Answers

Click here to get our preliminary exam answers.

If you are interested in a deeper dive, we also are making our preliminary commentary available today for a small fee.

If you are an exam student on bcpLearning, the preliminary commentary will be available free on our message boards, so be sure to check there instead of buying.

As always, remember that these answers represent only our opinion. The official answers will come from Customs and Border Protection in the coming weeks and will be posted on their site. In other words, we probably answered the majority of the questions correctly, but these answers do not guarantee whether or not you've passed; they merely are presented as a helpful tool for broker students who are eager to have any idea of where they stand.

If you would like to share your answers, explanations and comments, we invite you to post them as comments to this blog.

Thank you for your patience and interest, and thanks for choosing Boskage!

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