Thursday, May 29, 2008

Changes Proposed to Customs Broker License Examination Eligibility Requirements

On Tuesday May 27, the Federal Register contained a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) concerning changes to the eligibility requirements for taking the Customs Broker License Examination. The proposed rule would require individuals to meet the following criteria prior to the date of the exam. In order to take the exam, individuals must be U.S. citizens,
21 years of age, and not be an officer or employee of the U.S. Government.

The proposed amendments would more closely align the requirements for taking the written examination with the requirements an individual must satisfy in order to obtain a customs broker's license. As a result, this proposed rule would facilitate the overall customs broker licensing process by helping to ensure that those taking the examination are not automatically precluded from obtaining a license by reason of age, citizenship status, or employment. These changes also resemble the requirements for obtaining a license that were changed in 2000 to allow applicants three years to meet the eligibility requirements after taking the exam.

Comments must be received on or before July 28, 2008. Make your opinion count and post your comments! Comments must be identified by docket number and submitted by one of the following methods:

Federal eRulemaking Portal: Docket number USCBP–2008–0059.

Trade and Commercial Regulations Branch, Regulations and Rulings
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., (Mint Annex)
Washington, DC 20229.

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