Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Informed Compliance Publications

Customs and Border Protection has been busy writing, reviewing and updating the Informed Compliance Publications this year. Three new publications have been added, and 24 were updated in the first quarter of 2008. Here’s a brief overview of the new publications along with a list of the publications that have been reviewed and updated.

New Publications:

Classification and Entry Requirements of Alcoholic Beverages and Spirits (February 2008)
This new publication provides detailed explanations of each heading, the related explanatory notes and some examples of products included in each heading. Additionally, it provides instructions on how to compute proof liters along with examples. This is a great source of information for importers of alcoholic beverages and for persons studying for the broker’s exam. CBP has asked questions related to the classification of alcoholic beverages and calculation of proof liters on past exams.

Classification of Coated and Water Resistant Apparel (January 2008)
Finding the proper classification of wearing apparel can be a difficult task, but determining the difference between coated and water resistant provisions is one of the most frequently misunderstood areas. This new publication presents information to clarify the distinctions between the visibly coated and water resistant apparel goods by explaining how the GRI, Chapter Legal Notes and the actual headings provide direction in classifying these goods. Since CBP recently asked a question related to a water resistant apparel good on the broker’s exam, this publication would also be helpful to those studying for the upcoming exam.

Eyewear Frames and Eyewear (January 2008)
The new publication provides a comprehensive discussion of eyewear, which encompasses the actual completed product, frames, accessories and cases. In addition to CBP regulations, this publication includes information concerning the regulation of eyewear by other government agencies.

Revised and Updated Publications:

· Agglomerated Stone - 03/13/2008
· Agricultural Actual Use Provisions - 02/01/2008
· Base Metal Mountings and Fittings - 02/13/2008
· Basic Forms of Non-Ferrous Metals - 02/26/2008
· Beauty and Skin Care Products of Heading 3304 - 03/06/2008
· Button, Snap Fasteners, Slide Fasteners and Similar Articles - 02/13/2008
· Buying & Selling Commissions - 01/08/2008
· Caviar - 03/20/2008
· Classification of Children's Apparel - 02/13/2008
· Classification of Cooking Ranges, Stoves and Ovens - 03/03/2008
· Classification and Marking of Watches and Clocks - 02/13/2008
· Coated Nonalloy Flat-Rolled Steel - 02/13/2008 02/13/2008
· Decorative Glassware - 03/13/2008
· Diodes, Transistors & Similar Semiconductor Devices - 02/21/2008
· Distinguishing Bolts from Screws - 02/21/2008
· Fasteners of Heading 7318 - 02/13/2008
· Hand Tool Sets Classified Within Subheadings
  8205.90.00 and 8206.00.00 - 02/13/2008
· Household Articles of Base Metal - 02/13/2008
· Mushrooms - 03/06/2008
· Peanuts and their Classification under the HTSUS - 03/06/2008
· Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Electronic Organizers - 04/01/2008
· Stranded Wire, Rope and Cable, of Iron or Steel- 02/28/2008
· Vending Machines and Their Parts Under the HTSUS - 04/21/2008
· Waste & Scrap as it Relates to Base Metals of Chapter 81 - 02/26/2008

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