Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Special Notice: Explanatory Notes Now Available In Four Installments At Reduced Rates

Boskage Commerce Publications, the only authorized U.S. distributor of the Explanatory Notes to the HTSUS, has changed the pricing and terms of purchase of that publication.

The Explanatory Notes is the main publication tool used in classification, and is published by the World Customs Organization, in Brussels, Belgium. The newest edition was released in January of 2007, at WCO-set prices that were considerably higher than the previous edition. Last week, Boskage announced a discount and new terms, in response to a perceived growing need.

Starting today, Boskage is offering the Notes for $890 -- $200 off the list price of $1090 -- and allowing the tool to be purchased in four monthly installments. "We hope to allow a wider range of clients to acquire this landmark classification tool," said Boskage CEO Scott Warren Taylor. "The Explanatory Notes should be used by every individual engaged in classifying. We hope that this move will help make that necessity a reality."

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