Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bersin for CBP Commissoner?

Alan Bersin is rumored to be the top candidate for the next CBP Commissioner. Bersin was born in Brooklyn, New York, attended Harvard, then Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He earned a law degree from Yale Law School in 1974. At 62, Bersin is currently the chair of the executive committee of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. Other noteworthy positions include:

· U.S. Attorney
· Southwest Border Representative
· Education Secretary State of California
· Superintendent San Diego City Schools
· U.S. Chair, Task Force on U.S. Mexico Border Region

Bersin is known for being tough on border crime. If recommended by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, the next step would be for President Obama to nominate Bersin who must pass a background check and receive Senate confirmation before taking the helm at CBP. Stay tuned.

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