Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Report Export Violations to BIS

In order to enforce export regulations, BIS relies on its partnerships with the trade community. Information provided by the public often helps BIS investigations. Similar to the import version called e-Allegations, managed by Customs & Border Protection, the Bureau of Industry & Security offers the export version of tattling on suspected violators. Located on the BIS web site, informants can submit information related to possible export control, Fastener Quality Act (FQA), Chemical Weapons Convention Regulation (CWCR) or boycott related violations. For example, if you suspected that a business was intentionally classifying products under EAR99 to avoid the required licensing, that information could be reported to BIS online.

Although both the BIS reporting and e-Allegations are designed to punish violators with the assistance of the trade community, there is one big difference – confidentiality. The CBP program promotes confidentiality, stating that information may be submitted anonymously. The BIS program requires the submitter to provide a name and phone number. So, those who contemplate reporting a potential violation to BIS must consider the consequences of the loss of confidentiality when making the decision. What would you do?

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