Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Latest News on ISF

From its introduction, the ISF has been a hot topic with importers, brokers, carriers and other members of the trade. Now that the trade is submitting the data elements, ISF still receives a lot of recognition in the news. To keep you updated on some of the new information, we have provided a list below along with a link to more detailed information.

1. RLF Eligibility – Entry/entry summary data can be transmitted using the RLF Prototype.

2. New Part Added to the CFR – Part 149 Importer Security Filing has been added to the CBP Regulations.

3. CBP Presentation – CBP posted a detailed PowerPoint presentation on ISF.

4. CBP Outreach – CBP has been conducting meetings with the trade in various cities all year. intended to give the importing and filing community a basic understanding of how to fulfill the new requirements. The next session will be held in Detroit on April 22. Dates for Atlanta, GA and Norfolk, VA will be announced soon.

5. ISF Performance Reports - CBP is ready to send out the Importer Security Filing (ISF) Performance Reports to filers, who may redistribute relevant portions to individual importers.

Tell us what you think about ISF and share your best practices, questions and other comments with other blog readers.

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