Monday, April 19, 2010

Where Is My Shipment?

What happened to that special order of bearings we placed with our sister company in Germany last week? We requested that the bearings be shipped by air because our customer has a machine down and needs the bearings to put it back in service.

By now, even those who don’t watch television or read newspapers may be feeling the effects of the volcano eruption in Europe. The cloud of volcanic ash caused the closure of airspace in much of northern and central Europe. Thus, if you are expecting air cargo from countries such as Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherland, Sweden or parts of Italy, you may be waiting a little longer. Looking at the list of countries, the closures affect the major air hubs in Europe. When the airspace is reopened, expect continued delays as the airlines work through the backlog. Contact your broker and/or freight forwarder for updates on specific shipments.
For passengers traveling to and from Europe, be prepared for continued delays as well.

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