Friday, April 30, 2010

New and Revised Informed Compliance Publications

Customs and Border Protection has been busy reviewing and updating the Informed Compliance Publications this year. Since the first quarter of 2010, two new publications were added and 12 were updated. Here’s a brief overview of the new publications along with a list of the publications that have been reviewed and updated.

New Publications:

Ball Bearings – January 2010
This publication provides information about how bearings operate and the types of applications they service, such as vehicles, machines tools, machines and appliances. The first bearings were made of wood; however most modern bearings are made of steel. The document explains the types of bearings and provides drawings of each.

Passenger Vessel Services Act – April 2010
This publication identifies the laws and regulations for engaging in coastwise transportation of passengers. The goal of the coastwise laws was to protect U.S. shipping interests by granting a coastwise monopoly to American shipping that promotes development of the American merchant marine. Coastwise laws prohibit the transportation of passengers or merchandise between points in the United States in any vessel other than a coastwise-qualified vessel. The document defines passengers, explains where the law applies and the penalties for violation of the laws.

Revised and Updated Publications:

  • Tractors vs. Heavy Industrial Machinery - January 2010
  • Household Articles of Base Metal - January 2010
  • Internal Combustion Piston Engines - January 2010
  • Locks of Base Metal - January 2010
  • Diodes, Transistors and Similar Semiconductor Devices - February 2010
  • Turbojets, Tubropropellers and Other Gas Turbines - February 2010
  • Button, Snap Fasteners, Slide Fasteners and Similar Articles - February 2010
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Electronic Organizers - February 2010
  • Base Metal Mountings and Fittings - February 2010
  • Classification and Marking of Watches and Clocks - February 2010
  • Classification of Cooking Ranges, Stoves and Ovens - February 2010
  • Classification and Marking of Pipe Fittings under Heading 7307 - February 2010
  • Distinguishing Bolts from Screws - March 2010
  • Vehicles, Parts and Accessories - March 2010
  • Agricultural Actual Use Provisions - March 2010
  • Waste & Scrap Related to Chapter 81 - March 2010
  • Coated Nonalloy Flat-Rolled Steel - March 2010
  • Table and Kitchen Glassware - March 2010
  • Stranded Wire, Rope and Cable of Iron or Steel - March 2010
  • Agglomerated Stone - March 2010
  • Cutlery of Headings 8211 Through 8215 - March 2010
  • Hand Tool Sets Classified in 8205.90.00 and 8206.00.00 - April 2010

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