Thursday, August 5, 2010

IPR - Product Identification Guides

Trademark and copyright holders that have created product identification guidelines can submit them to CBP electronically instead of providing hard copies to each port. The new electronic capabilities allow CBP to disseminate the information to all CBP personnel in a more efficient timely manner. Note that only the property rights that have been registered with CBP may be included in the guidelines.

The training guides provide an effective tool to assist CBP personnel in identifying counterfeit and piratical goods. CBP posted instructions on what to include in the product identification guides. The primary topics include

· Company Information
· Registration and Recordation Information
· Product Information
· Product Manufacture and Distribution
· Violation Information

The guide should contain photos that demonstrate the differences between legitimate articles and counterfeit articles. Product catalogs and links to web sites that provide pictures should also be included. CBP suggests that the guides be dated and updated for significant events such as additions for new registrations, changes in contracts or products, etc. The information contained in the training guides will be kept confidential. The guides are required to contain a disclosure provided by CBP on the inside front cover. Click HERE to view the detailed information about information CBP requires for the product identification guides.

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