Monday, August 16, 2010

Missing In Action: 19 CFR 163 Appendix

Last week, one of my colleagues asked where she could find a good copy of the list of required documents for recordkeeping. My first thought was to send her to the Appendix to 19 CFR 163, containing the (a)(1)(A) List. Trying to be helpful, I decided to send the link to a document that was nicely formatted for printing purposes. I clicked the CFR bookmark on my computer and was pleased to see the April 2010 version available. A PDF document containing only the list of documents would be preferable for her intended use, but I could not remember whether it was the TXT or PDF document that contained that information. Clicking on the preferred PDF file, I was surprised to see information for foreign trade zones . I must have mixed up my numbers and clicked on the wrong section of the regulations. Going back to the list, I clicked on Part 163 again and then on the TXT document for the Appendix. Again, I found information for Part 146 Subpart H of Title 19. I guess Part 163 Appendix containing the (a)(1)(A) List is missing in action or perhaps taking a vacation from the 2010 version of the regulations. Fortunately, I was go back to the 2009 version and send the link to the (a)(1) (A) List.

So, if you are looking for the (a)(1)(A) list in the 2010 version of Part 163 via GPO Access, don’t be surprised if you find foreign trade zone information. It appears to be a minor error in linking documents, so the (a)(1)(A) List should be back home where it belongs very soon!

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