Friday, May 8, 2009

Ask the Wizard: Exam Pass Rates

Each Friday, the Wizard joins us to share an answer to one of the questions asked during the week. Since the majority of questions asked this week involved the Customs Broker Exam, the Wizard decided to respond to one of the questions related to the exam.

Question: What is the typical percentage of pass rate? Is 15% high, low or average?

The quick answer to the question is that 15% is slightly better than average. Using the pass rates for exams given in the last five years (April 2004 – October 2008); we find the average pass rate to be 14%. Keep in mind that CBP has not released the exact percentage for the April 2009 exam and 15% was their best estimate at the time. The actual pass rate may be a little higher or lower. Over the last 10 exams, the lowest pass rate was on the October 2005 exam, which had a 4% pass rate. The highest pass rate was on the October 2006 exam, which earned a 25% pass rate. Going back a few more years, we find that the highest pass rate of 52% came from the October 2001 Exam and the lowest at 3% from the April 2002 exam. There is no way to predict whether one test will be harder than another will. Don’t put many hopes in the rumors that circulate about how if the pass rate on the last exam was very low, the next test will be very easy and vice versa. The bottom line is that the test is difficult; otherwise, the pass rate would average a lot higher than 14%. With true dedication to your studies and use of the study methods that work best for your learning style, you can be part of that 14% and help push that percentage higher!

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Anonymous said...

The official pass rate for the April 2009 broker exam is 11.4%

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the official pass rate? Has anyone received their letter if they passed or failed?

Anonymous said...

I called the number provided in a separate post today and was informed that customs will be mailing the results in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

The official pass rate of 11.4% for the April 09 broker exam comes from the publication International Trade Today published May 14th.

Still no results when you call the number there is a recording asking you not to leave a message with regard to the exam results and indicates the letters have been sent.

I am from Buffalo, NY

Anonymous said...

Charlotte customs called me today to say that I passed! 81%. My result will be mailed Friday.

Anonymous said...

I received my letter today, it is dated for Friday. I passed!

Yahoo from Buffalo, NY

Anonymous said...

I received my official notice from CBP today.
Passed 81.25%. To God Be the Glory.
Stamped date: 05/19. But No phone call from NY/Newark port..

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard back on their appeal yet?

oul said...

Anyone has possible answers to October 11 exam?