Friday, May 15, 2009

Ask the Wizard: Exam Q36

Each Friday, the Wizard joins us to share an answer to one of the questions asked during the week. Once again, the majority of questions asked this week involved the Customs Broker Exam.

Has anyone questioned #36? The answer given is B, but classification 8523.52.0000 does not exist in the HTS.

Answer B is correct. HTS 8523.52.0000 is found in Supplement 1 to the 2008 Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States. In the 2009 edition of the HTSUS, 8523.52.000 was changed to create two classifications, 8523.52.0010 and 8523.52.0090. This is an example of the importance of using the exact editions of the reference materials provided in the Notice of Examination posted by CBP. Another example of the importance of reading the Notice of Examination is the addition of Parts 200 to the End of Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations. Several examinees were surprised to see questions about antidumping on the April 2009 Exam.

It is possible to pass the exam using other editions; however, the chances of missing a few questions due to changes in those reference materials increase. For those who are studying for the October 2009 Exam, pay close attention to the required edition of the Regulations. Part 149, Importer Security Filing was added in 2009. If CBP lists the April 2009 edition of the CFR, then people using the 2008 edition will not have Part 149 to help them answer any questions that might be asked on the Importer Security Filing regulations.

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