Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CBP Updates Informed Compliance Publications

Customs and Border Protection has been busy reviewing and updating the Informed Compliance Publications this year. Although CBP only added one new publication this year, 16 were reviewed and/or updated in 2009. Here’s a brief overview of the new publication along with a list of the publications that have been reviewed.

Coastwise Trade: Merchandise – January 2009
The purpose of this publication is to identify and explain the laws and regulations related to coastwise transportation of merchandise, so that the trade community is informed of its legal obligations. Coastwise transportation of merchandise takes place when merchandise laden at a point, included in the coastwise laws, is unladen at another coastwise point, regardless of the origin or ultimate destination of the merchandise. For example, a coastwise transportation occurs when merchandise is loaded onto a vessel in Los Angeles and moved to Portland, where it is unloaded. The publication summarizes the “Jones Act,” CBP Regulates, Exceptions and Waivers as related to coastwise trade.

Reviewed & Revised
· Base Metal Mountings and Fittings – Revised April 2009
· Eyewear Frames and Eyewear – Revised April 2009
· Fibers and Yarns – Revised February 2009
· Internal Combustion Piston Engines – Revised April 2009
· Vehicles, Parts and Accessories Under the HTSUS – Revised April 2009

Reviewed w/No Changes
· Agglomerated Stone – Reviewed March 2009
· Buttons, Snap-Fasteners, Slide Fasteners and Similar Articles – Reviewed March 2009
· Classification and Marking of Watches and Clocks – Reviewed April 2009
· Classification of Cooking Ranges, Stoves and Ovens - Reviewed April 2009
· Decorative Glassware - Reviewed March 2009
· Diodes, Transistors and Similar Semiconductor Devices - Reviewed March 2009
· Distinguishing Bolts from Screws - Reviewed March 2009
· Household Articles of Base Metal - Reviewed With No Changes February 2009
· Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Electronic Organizers - Reviewed April 2009
· Table and Kitchen Glassware -Reviewed March 2009

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