Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DHS and Other Government Agencies Using Social Networks

Some of the departments of the U.S. Government have joined the electronic communication trend of blogging and twittering. Are you following them? Are they following you? Check out some of the electronic social networks of interest to the international trade community.

Homeland Security Leadership Journal
The Blog - Homeland Security
The TSA Blog
Tradeology (ITA)
White House Blog
Customs & Border Protection Twitter
DoD Live

While checking out these sites, you may find some of these agencies are on Facebook too! Facebook and other social network sites have been controversial subjects in the government. While many of the agencies use one or more of the sites available, some agencies such as the U.S. Marines have banned them. The government won’t likely post any sensitive top secret information to their blogs. As individuals, we should also remember not to post personal information that could increase incidents of identity theft or put us in danger.

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