Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trade Terms Tuesday

Welcome to Trade Terms Tuesday! Each Tuesday, we will share three trade-related terms. In order to reach out to our diverse readership, we will try to provide one for exports, one for imports and one for logistics/transportation. This week, we continue with the W’s.

Charge assessed by a dock owner for handling cargo or for docking vessels at the wharf.

World Trade Organization
The World Trade Organization (WTO) seeks to monitor world trade and place it on a secure basis, thereby contributing to economic growth and development, and the welfare of the world’s people. The WTO is an international organization with membership from over 100 countries, created to help trade flow smoothly, freely, fairly and predictably. WTO principles include:

· Trade without discrimination
· Protection through tariffs
· Stable basis for trade
· Promoting fair competition
· Quantitative restrictions on importers
· Settling trade disputes

Wassenaar Arrangement
The Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies “Wassenaar Arrangement” was established to contribute to regional and international security and stability by promoting transparency and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies. Participants strive to ensure that transfers of these items do not contribute to the development or enhancement of military capabilities which undermine these goals and are not diverted to support such capabilities.

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