Monday, September 28, 2009

Section VIII of the HTSUS – September 28

Thank you for joining us for our series on classification. Last Monday, we explored the articles contained in Section VII of the HTSUS. Today, we will study the various commodities covered in Section VIII of the HTSUS. Having a good general knowledge of the products covered in each section and chapter will expedite the classification process and improve accuracy of your classifications.

Answer to Section VII Question
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Good knowledge of what is included in each chapter comes in handy for this question. It is also important to know that "vinyl" is not a textile and for the purposes of the HTSUS, some vinyl products are classified in Chapter 39.

Section VIII includes Chapters 41 through 43, which address raw hides, leather, articles of leather, travel goods, backpacks and similar goods. Articles in these chapters may require permits and approval of the Fish & Wildlife Service or be subject to quotas if imported from certain countries. When classifying goods in Chapter 42, be very careful to read the type of material and articles contained in each heading and subheading.

Chapter 41 covers raw and prepared animal and reptile hides and skins, patent leather and composition leather. Pay close attention to Chapter Note 1 (c) explaining certain exclusions and inclusions of goods in Chapter 43. Clearance of certain products must be made at designated FWS ports. FWS enforces regulations pertaining to the articles made from endangered species. Click
HERE to learn more about Fish & Wildlife requirements.

Chapter 42 includes leather articles, saddlery and harnesses, travel goods, handbags and similar containers. Note the exclusions to this chapter. Textile luggage may be subject to quota restrictions from certain countries. In addition to CBP marking requirements, textile luggage must meet labeling specifications for type of fabric.

Chapter 43 covers fur skins, articles made of fur, artificial fur and articles of artificial fur. Note that footwear and headwear are not included in this chapter.

Discount Dollar Store imports compact disc carrying cases. The carrying cases will hold up to 25 CDs, and the exterior surface is made of 100% nylon. What is the correct classification for the carrying cases?

Join us next week for the answer to this week’s classification question and a discussion of Section IX of the HTSUS. If there are any specific commodities or sections of the HTSUS that you would like to see discussed in this series, please feel free to post a comment or send your suggestions to

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